Essential Tips for Moving: Task Organization and Simplification!

For any homeowner, moving can be very exciting, but it could also be a source of stress as there are lots of factors that could complicate the process, if not cause it to fall apart completely. Fortunately, you could actually simplify things and maximize the benefits of the experience by following these tips for moving:

Make an inventory of the items that should be moved - People’s homes are often full of items that may or may not be needed in the new location. List all items by the rooms in which they are situated. This way, you could easily come up with a system of packing such items. Duplicate items which could just add to the burden—as well as cost—of moving should be donated or sold.

Plan the schedule - It is recommended to make sure that the moving date falls during the off-peak seasons for movers. Such a decision would lead to significant savings on moving fees and other related expenses. Plan moving dates that would provide less stress for the members of the household. As an example, it would be better to move from one city to another when the school year has already ended so that adjustment to the new environment will be easier for children.

Take as much time as you need when choosing a moving company - When there are many companies that are operating within an area, it is a wise thing to compare offers and rates. Homeowners should pick a mover that could guarantee punctuality, safety of the items to be transported, and reasonable fees. It would also be good if you could find a company that allows customization of services. Bargains regarding add-on services, charges, and other related concerns should be arranged with reliable moving companies.

“To Pack or Not to Pack” - As early as the planning phase, you should decide about the packing of items. Should you handle this or would you rather leave it to the moving company? Packing of items as a part of the job of a moving company will certainly raise the cost of their services, but paying for this additional service is worth it if you lack the time to do the packing on your own. It would also ensure that all items are safely packed for transport.

Settle all insurance concerns - When items are being transported over long distances, insurance should be a main concern for homeowners. It is understood that when a moving company is hired, the insurance aspect is already covered. Queries about specific aspects of the insurance to be provided by a mover should be presented as early as possible. Options regarding insurance fees and coverage should likewise be explored. Insurance packages could fall under any of the following:

Carrier liability – Minimal liability fees for each region are implemented by moving companies.

Declared value – A customer will be the one to declare the value of the goods to be transported.

Comprehensive replacement value – The moving company will set the minimum value to be paid if an item gets damaged while in transit.

Know your rights and responsibilities - While laws governing moving may vary between regions or states, moving companies are supposed to inform shippers or clients of their responsibilities and rights. These things are usually stated on the contract of service that will be signed by both parties. It is imperative that you read through the details of the contract before signing anything so as to prevent possible problems in the future.

There are many other tips for moving available online but the ones discussed here should be enough as they cover the basics of the activity.

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