The Moving House Checklist: Simplified Week by Week!

For first-time homeowners, moving from one location to another could be an overwhelming task. There are many hassles that go with the process of arranging moving or transport services. The risks of unnecessary spending as well as big losses due to items getting damaged while in transit will always be there. Many seasoned homeowners will agree that getting things organized weeks before moving out could solve these possible dilemmas.

The moving house checklist presented here will cover the items that should be prepared and the tasks that should be done by a homeowner prior to moving. The details are presented on a weekly basis assuming that the moving date is 2 months away. The following should cover the basics for a homeowner who will move to new house for the first time:


“Master Moving Folder” – This will contain all the files related to the moving task. All the plans, lists, receipts, and related materials should be placed here.
Budget plan – This lists all the possible expenses that you would need to deal with in the weeks leading up to the big day. Seeing its contents would allow you to more effectively plan the task at hand.

Lists – These include the list of possible moving companies to hire and their respective quotes of service. The list could also include an initial rundown of the items to be moved, materials to be used in the packing process, and food items that need to be gradually consumed before moving day.


Notice letter – This is for your landlord if you are moving out of a rented dwelling. Informing the said individual of the moving plan at this point will provide valuable lead time for the processing of the necessary papers and settlement of outstanding accounts on the part of the tenant.

New furniture – If there is a need for new furniture in the new house, these should be purchased and stored at this point.
Work leave application – If it is possible, file for a leave of absence that will coincide with the moving day. Timing your moving day on a Friday or the day before a national holiday is highly recommended.


Moving service contract – At this point in time, the said contract should have been signed and copies are already in the hands of both parties. It means that the moving date is already final and all plans from this point on ought to match it.

Notices/Letters to providers of basic services – These providers include companies that provide gas, water, electricity, cable TV, and insurance to name a few. Sending out these notices well in advance allows these providers to make the necessary adjustments in billing and in the settlement of any outstanding accounts under your old mailing address.
Postal Form for Address Modification – The new address should be provided on this form. This will facilitate the hassle-free arrival of communications and billing statements after moving in. This should be arranged at this time if you are planning to fill up the actual printed form and submit it to the local post office.


Notification for providers of subscribed/miscellaneous services – This is for a different set of providers other than those already mentioned. These include your bank and your local hospital or clinic.

Address Cards – These should contain the address of the new house. It could be distributed at this point in time. Friends, relatives, and other individuals who will need to maintain contact with you after moving out should have these cards.
A list for the future occupant of the house to be vacated – Aside from the keys, this list could be given to your landlord or the real estate agent who will entertain potential occupants. It should contain helpful information for them.


Essentials bag for each family member – Make sure that each family member will have their toiletries, change of clothes, and other essential things packed in this bag.
Kitchen essentials box/bag – It should contain the items that could be used to make a complete meal upon arrival at the destination.
Cleaning/handyman box/bag – Items needed for quick cleaning should be placed here. It will allow you to settle in quickly as there is a possibility that you will reach the new house ahead of the moving truck/vehicle.

The moving house checklist discussed here ought to make things simpler and hassle-free for you. By using it as reference, the task of moving out could be completed efficiently and any potential problems will be resolved before they worsen.

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