Simple But Effective Tips for a Successful Moving Day!

After weeks of planning, moving day could be one of the most exciting events for any homeowner and his/her family. Of course, it could also be a source of stress for them. This is most especially true if there are children, pets, and highly valuable possessions to secure when moving out of an old house into a new one. Moving can be challenging especially if there are so many items to transport.

Fortunately, there are some tips that could be used to ensure that moving day proceeds as smoothly as possible for all individuals concerned. The following tips may be considered:

• Rehydrate and eat – Even if food has been emptied out of the refrigerator, make it a point that everybody will not go hungry or thirsty during the process of moving out. Prepare drinks in ready-to-go containers. There should be food that could be nibbled on while on the road, especially if there is a considerable distance between the old and the new addresses. Packed sandwiches, fruits, and other handy food items should be prepared for the entire family prior to departure.

• Keep things simple and organized – See to it that the moving company is aware of how to properly unload and arrange your family’s belongings. If they can provide a floor plan of the new home, you may indicate which items should go where. Keep things simple on your own end as well by bringing only the most essential hand-carried luggage.

• Pack according to plan – If the trip will be a long one, everybody will be tired and may need to get some sleep shortly upon arrival. It means that beddings and other related items should be packed along with the hand-carried luggage. Additionally, it would be prudent “not to pack according to plan” in the sense that you and your family are prepared even for those situations you hope you won’t encounter like road accidents. Thus, leave enough room in your car for easily accessible emergency items like tools and a first aid kit.

• Leave only when everything has been checked – This is true even if it means that the family would have to leave last. Make sure that nothing on the moving list has been left behind. The house should also be left clean and in good condition. Documents should be taken for future use if there will be claims of damage. Take pictures of the house just to be safe. Travel documents should never be packed away in bags but instead be kept easily accessible for the moving party.

• Aim to arrive ahead of the moving company’s vehicle – Doing so will allow you and your family to make the necessary preparations for the organized unloading/placement of items. One member of the household should be present when the unloading process is taking place. Any changes and damages to the transported items should be properly documented and brought to the attention of the moving company. The inventory sheet should be signed only after taking note of such changes.

• Secure children, pets, and valuables – This simply means that while the unloading process is under way, small children, pets, and fragile valuables should be kept out of the way for everyone’s safety. This is also to prevent any delays in unloading.

Everything should go smoothly when moving out. By following the simple tips provided above, you could make moving day hassle-free for yourself, your family, and the moving company you have hired for that purpose.

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